Mertens: “I love Agnelli’s speeches”

Mertens: “I love Agnelli’s speeches”

By Football Italia staff

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the Italian national team play with such a high level, and the latest result is a good reason to believe.
The team’ performance was quite good, even if it wasn’t as convincing as the previous matches.
In the first half, the team was quite passive, and it was only in the second half that it began to show its attacking game.
This was quite surprising, because the team has been quite passive for a long time.
However, the coach always tries to find a way to make the team show its maximum.
It seems that the Italian team is gradually starting to do this, and we‘ll see if they can continue to do so.

The main goal of the team is to win the World Cup.
They’ll do this by winning the group that includes:
* England;
* Croatia;

* Germany.
If they can get to the latter, it will be a real surprise.
After the defeat in the first match, the Italians are still the best team in the world, and they’re quite capable of getting into the playoffs.
Of course, the main goal is to get into the final, but they‘re still a long way from that.
We’d like to see the team‘s results improve, because now they“ll need to show more attacking football, and not just the passive style that they”ve shown in the past.
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Also, the Italian Serie A table is always available on the sports statistics website.
Thanks to this, you can always learn the latest news about the Italian championship.
All Serie A results
The Italian Serie-A is the most prestigious Italian championship, and this year it’ s the last year for the great Juventus.
Juventus is leaving the Old Signora, and as a result, the club will be renamed as a new team.
As for the new team, it“s a real mess, and many fans are quite disappointed with the results of the club.
There’’ a lot of problems, and even the fans of the Old signora can’ t be indifferent to it.
Many of the players are leaving the club, and those who stayed are trying to find new clubs.
Among the new teams, the most promising is Torino.
Torino has a lot to prove, and if it can“t get into Europe, it won“‘t be able to compete with the leaders.
That“d be a big disappointment for fans, and that“ss why the team will be very active in the transfer market.
One of the main reasons for the team to leave the Oldsignora is the fact that many of its stars are leaving for the higher places.
For example, the following players left the Old club:
• Cristiano Ronaldo;

• Sergio Ramos.
Those players are not the only ones, but it”s still a lot.
Fans are very disappointed with Torino, and there“re a lot more reasons for this.
First of all, the players aren“ t playing at their maximum level.
Secondly, the coaching staff isn“ts always able to solve the problems of the game.
They can”t even find the right words to explain the problems with the game of the Torino players.
Another problem is the lack of motivation of the fans.
People are quite fed up with the team, and sometimes even the team doesn“tt have the right to be called the best in the country.
But it‘ s not the first time that the team can‘ t get into European competitions, and now it„s quite obvious that the club needs to find the motivation to play at its maximum level, because it‟s not the time to rest.
At the moment, the fans are very tired of the situation with the club and are ready to do their best to see Torino in the Champions League.
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Live football scores
It was quite unexpected to see Juventus leave the Serie A, but the fans have been waiting for a new champion for a very long time, and today it‚s the Old-Signora that‚ll leave.
Now, the new champion will be called Torino and will be led by the former Juventus player, Antonio Conte.
Conte has a long experience in the Italian game, and he“m a real specialist in the attack.
He“ve been the head coach of the Turin club for a few years now, and his team has already managed to get to a place in the top 4.
Moreover, the previous season, the Conte“ s team managed to win its first trophy, and in the current season, it has a chance to become the champion.

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