Lukaku: I want to win the World Cup with Belgium

Lukaku: I want to win the World Cup with Belgium

The Belgian national team has been in the top-3 for several years now. The team is not only in the European League, but also in the Champions League zone. This season, it is in the group stage of the Champions Cup. The Belgian team is very confident and is ready to fight for the victory.
Lukáš: I am confident about the team’s chances of winning the tournament
The team is in a good shape, too. It is not the first time that it has been able to fight against the stronger teams. The main problem for the team is the lack of motivation. The players are tired of playing in the Europa League, where they have not won anything yet.
The Belgians have the following advantages:
1. Good squad.
2. Good coach.
3. Good results.
This is why the team can fight for gold medals in the international arena.

Luka Jovic is the leader of the team. He is a young and talented player who is able to decide the fate of the match in a split second. He can decide the outcome of the game in a single move.
He is not a newcomer to the Belgian team. For many years, he has been playing for the club. He has already won the Belgian championship and the European Cup.
In the Champions league, the Belgian club is in an excellent shape. It has a good lineup, which allows it to play in the most prestigious club tournament.
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Live football results of the season
The season is in full swing, and the Belgian national football team is ready for the fight. The club is playing in several tournaments, and it is always ready to take part in the main competitions.
At the beginning of the championship, the Belgians are in the middle of the standings, but they are not in the elite of the tournament. The reason for this is the poor results of Luka Jović.
Jovic is a player who can decide a match in the second half of the first round. He was not able to show his maximum in the first part of the campaign.
However, the team has a lot of chances to win gold medals. It can be done if the following factors will be fulfilled:
* the team will have a good coach. The current coach of the national team is Jurgen Klopp.
* a good selection of players.
All of the above are possible.
Will Lukaku be able to help the team to achieve this?
The Englishman has already shown that he is able not only to motivate his players, but to direct them in the right direction. The results of Jovic have not been good for a long time, but the Belgian coach is confident about his lineup.
There are a lot chances for the Belgia to win a place in the final of the European Championship. The squad is ready and has everything necessary to fight in the best club tournament in the world.
Main rivalries of the Belgian football team
The current season is the third time that the Belgian squad takes part in this tournament. This time, the club is not in a position to compete with the main teams of the Old Continent.
Belgium is the main rival of the Netherlands, which has the best squad. The Dutch team is led by the legendary Ruud Gullit. The Belgians, on the other hand, have a lot more experience in the domestic arena. They have won the national championship for many years.
Another rival of Belgium is the French national team. The French team is also very strong, but it has a different style of playing.
One of the main rivals of the Belgias is the German national team, which is led not by the famous coach, but by the great striker, Robert Lewandowski.
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What to expect from the Belgian teams in the future?
This season, the teams are in a better shape than in the previous one. This is due to the fact that the teams have been playing each other for a few years. The teams have a clear idea of what to do and how to play.
Now, the French team has an excellent lineup. The midfield is led primarily by Kylian Mbappé. The English team has also a good squad, but its main player is Harry Kane.
Both the teams can be considered as the main contenders for gold. The next season, they will have to fight it out for the title.
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